Congratulations you are getting married!

Your wedding ceremony will be a unique, moving and a memorable experience for you, your family and friends. Together we will create the best ceremony that will tell your story to your guests.

Whether it’s a cherished gathering or an elaborate celebration, I present you – the perfect wedding ceremony, filled with love, fun and laughter.

The Big Shabang

The best of the best with a cherry on top! The most popular option and there’s no wonder why.  It will be a fabulous day filled with love, laughter and maybe even some dad jokes from your pop. I can’t make him stop… but I can and will make this day the best you’ve ever had!

The Secret Getaway

Maybe a little more privacy is what you want. If that’s the case, we can find a special place that means something to the two of you. Whether it be in the shade of an old forest, against the setting sun with our feet in the sand or on top of a mountain peak with the world beneath us. Whatever your eloping dream is, we can reach it!

Just a quickie

You don’t want a ceremony but still want to get hitched? That’s all fine too. You can pick a spot and we can get to signing the papers and tying the knot.

Let’s make it happen!